Forex Trading Platforms To Trade On

You are going to find three fairly standard types of trading platforms when you sign up to any Forex Brokers. Below we have listed the three most basic types of trading platforms available. However, as many of the Forex Brokerages now offer their clients a range of unique trading platforms, we have in addition to the guide listed a more in-depth guide that takes a look at some of the most advanced Forex Trading Platforms you will be able to access.

Please do checkout that addition trading platform guide, as there are some very unique features attached to the proprietary trading platforms offered at certain Forex Brokers, and many of them will allow you to totally tailor your own unique type of trading sessions and pre program a range of strategies into their standalone Forex trading platforms.

Best Brokers
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1. City Index City Index N/A N/A 1:30
2. Plus500 Plus500
Authorized to provide only CFDs
N/A $100 N/A
3. AvaTrade AvaTrade $10000 $100 90%

Web Browser Forex Trading Platforms

etoro WebtraderThere are both pros and cons of using a web browser based online Forex trading platform, the one major advantage you will have of opting to use any Forex Broker offering such a platform is that you are not going to have to download the platform onto your computer.

With many Forex traders being very busy people, it is far easier for them to access a trading platform instantly on any available computer rather than be reliant on just one computer which has the trading platform fully installed up on it.

It is worth noting that you are never really going to have to make any comprises when using this type of trading platform if you are simply looking to place direct currency pairing trades. However, you are best advised to utilize a fully downloadable trading platform if you are looking for a platform which is totally configurable and one that will allow you to select and put into place your own unique trading strategies.

Mobile Forex Trading Platforms

MetaTrader5 Mobile PlatformYou should quite seamlessly be able to access all of the features of a mobile trading platform as you would when utilize the web browser based Forex trading platform mentioned above. This is due to both of these trading platforms more or less being identical.

However, you are probably going to find that a mobile device that has a touch screen feature is going to give you the best trading experience for being able to tap the screen to instantly place currency trades is far easier than using an older type of mobile phone or mobile device which has a key board as opposed to a touch screen facility attached to it.

You will find both industry standard and several unique types of mobile trading platforms like MetaTrader5 are offered by most if not all of our featured Forex Brokers, and it may be advantageous for you to open up a demo mobile account before trading for real money, as this will allow you to play around with the mobile trading platform and to see if its performs as good as you expect it to do via a no risk environment.

Should you find any one Forex Brokers mobile trading platform isn’t as good as you had expected then you will not have locked up your trading funds when accessing the demo account, and that will then leave you able to test drive any other Forex Brokers mobile trading platform or several of them, until you find one that ticks all of the right boxes in regards to what you are seeking from such a platform.

Downloadable Forex Trading Platforms

FXCM Trading StationIt is always going to be worth you downloading a Forex Trading Platform onto your computer, for by doing so you will find lots of different platforms on offer, and with many of the more unique and exclusive trading platforms from some of our Forex Brokers offering you the ability to totally configures these platforms yourself, you will get by far and away the best trading experience by utilizing such a platform.

Much like the two Forex trading platforms mentioned above you are always able to download a trading platform and open a demo account, and by doing so and accessing several of the unique and exclusive trading platforms you will soon be able to find one that suits your trading style.

Have a look through our different trading platform guides and Forex Brokers reviews as by doing so we will enlighten you on the unique features offered at each site via their downloadable trading platforms.