Guide To Forex Currency Abbreviations

World CurrenciesThere are many different aspects of being a Forex trader that you need to be fully aware of and understand inside and out. One of these is being able to instantly tell which currencies have been paired together when you are planning to trade one currency against another.

Whilst you are probably already more than aware of what the abbreviations and acronyms are of all of the major worldwide currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro and the Great British Pound to name but a few of the most regularly traded against currencies, there are hundreds more that you may not be aware of.

For this reasons we have chosen to put together a wide range of trading guides that will list, in alphabetical order, all of the currencies of the world and alongside each country’s currency we will list the abbreviation for the respective countries currencies.

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Links to Currency Abbreviation Guides:

To look up any countries currency abbreviations, below are the links you need to follow to look up that information. All of the following guides are in alphabetic order naming the country, the currency along with the currency abbreviation. Feel free to refer to it whenever you need to look up and countries currency abbreviation.

Be aware that not all currencies will be available at some Forex Brokers, and as such if you do wish to link up certain specific currencies together to trade them against each other, you may have to check through various Forex Brokers to find those that are offering the those currency pairings you are seeking.