Licensed and Regulated Australian Forex Brokers

One very important aspect of becoming an online Forex trader that you should never overlook is where the Forex Broker you are thinking of signing up to and becoming a customer of is actually licensed and regulated.

In Australia it is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) who have been tasked with regulating and licensing any Forex Brokers who are based in Australia. Their duties include ensuring each licensee obtains a Australian Financial Services Licence (AFS) and adheres to a strict code of conduct and all Foreign Exchange Contracts and Derivatives are monitored to ensure they are fair and more importantly legal.

However, there are no hard and fast rules in regards to just which Forex Brokers you can sign up to if you are based in Australia and it is often the case that Brokers licensed and regulated in other jurisdictions will appeal more to some traders based on what those respective Brokers are offering their clients.

But to have the added protection in regards to safety of your funds and your consumer rights it is often the case that you should stick to those Forex Brokers that have taken the time and effort to become licensed or at least recognised by the ASIC, as by doing so you will not be adding any additional risks to your online Forex trades.

Any Forex Broker that is licensed by the ASIC will have available on their website their current license number and will often have a link to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website where you will find displayed their license and all additional licensing information.

Should you experience any kind of problems when trading at any Australian licensed Forex Brokers, then you are able to contact the Australian Financial Service and seek independent help and assistance, by logging a complaint which will duly be fully investigated.

Non Australian Financial Services Licensed Forex Brokers

One of our aims here at the website is to present to you a diverse range of Forex Trading sites that we know are going to offer you the very highest levels of service and give you an unsurpassed and hassle free trading experience and environment.

With this in mind do be aware that some of the Forex Brokers we have listed and reviewed upon this website are not licensed directly by the ASIC, however we have ensured that each Forex Broker is licensed in one of the many other stringent licensing authorities in many different parts of the world.

Should you be interested in learning more about any of our featured Forex brokers ten please do have a good look around this website, for each Brokerage you will come across will be able to offer all Australian Forex traders a wide range of different bonuses which may be worth claiming should you be looking to lock in the maximum value from your Forex trading funds.

It may also be worth your while taking a look at some of our non Australian Financial Service licensed or regulated sites for whilst they will hope a full and recognised trading license in another licensing jurisdictions they will also offer all Australian Forex Brokers a range of banking options that will not in any way decrease the value of your trading account.

You will often find that many Brokers tend to charge all manner of additional fees and charges when some of their customers make a deposit or withdrawal funds from their trading accounts, but by signing up to and becoming a trader at any of our listed and approved Forex Brokers you will often find the fees charge are negligible or no fees, commissions or charges will be attached to your trading account.

One section of our website that s going to be worth a visit is the section dedicated to showcasing and introducing you to the many different types of Australian Forex Brokers Sign Up Bonuses, there can be some tremendous value to be had by trawling through each of our Forex Broking site reviews and listings and then taking advantage of as many of the bonuses on offer as you can.

Many of our featured Forex Brokers are now offering no deposit required welcome bonuses which offer you a no risk initial trading session and one that can be quite profitable as you will not be risking your own funds when you take those Brokers up on these kinds of bonus offers!